The Next Eco-Friendly Gravel
for Hydroponic & Potting

The Next Eco-Friendly Gravel
for Hydroponic & Potting

Dust Free

pH Neutral

Leachate Free


About Arqlite Smart Gravel -
the sustainable & cost-effective alternative

Our Star Product

An eco-friendly light aggregate made of 100% inert, long lasting plastic polymers

The Smart and Eco-Friendly Solution
for Your Projects


Save time and money with a clean, pH neutral, eco-friendly and reusable growth medium.


Take your indoor displays, planters, and contained spaces to the next level with a clean, lightweight, aesthetic aggregate.


Promote proper drainage to avoid root rot. Don’t mind overwatering and watch your plants thrive!


Our premium Smart Gravel is dust-free, helping to keep your systems clean and your roots white. Your best plants go in Smart Gravel.

Our Smart Gravel Replaces Dumb Gravel in hydroponics, landscaping and the base of your pots and planters

Avoid Root Rot with Smart Gravel

Happy Users

Nothing makes us happier than seeing how you are changing the world with us!


“By far the cleanest and best medium that i’ve ever used. You’ve got a customer for life.”


“My water has been the cleanest it’s ever been this run, whitest roots I’ve ever had. No residue in any of my buckets and SUPER pH stable! Your product is definitely making a huge difference. I recommended it to all my buddies.”

Amazon Customer

“Plants that I’ve had trouble with are now thriving since adding this to the bottom of their pot.”


Arqlite Smart Gravel can replace mineral gravel and other aggregates like expanded clay in a variety of ways. It is 3x lighter than mineral gravel, 10x better for thermal and acoustic insulation, and long-lasting. In hydroponics, it is dust-free, pH neutral, and perfectly sized to save hours of preparation time.

At Arqlite, safety is our number one priority. Smart Gravel is completely safe for soil, water, and plants because it is an “inert” plastic. And, by providing necessary drainage, it actually improves the health of your garden! Download our leaching free report here

It is true! 100% of the material used for Arqlite Smart Gravel is made from food grade discarded plastics. We clean, condition and treat each piece to create our product.

To optimize shipping costs, the following configurations are available;
  • 1 Gallon Bags - up to 420/pallet
  • 0.5cf bags: up to 144/pallet
  • 1.75cf bags: up to 33/pallet
Customized mixed pallet configurations are also available upon request.  Please reach to us (contact info/email) for pricing and availability.

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